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Test di Inglese

Scegli la parola o la frase mancanti grammaticamente corrette.

Soltanto una è la risposta corretta

1 - We...a lovely few days in Paris last year. a.) Passed
b.) Did
c.) Took
d.) Spent
2 - He ...he piano every day. a.) plays
b.) is playing
c.) play
d.) does play
3 - Henry’s parents ... so I’m sure they would love to come to the exhibition. a.) like very much modern art
b.) like modern art very much
c.) modern art like very much
d.) very much modern art like
4 - Mary ... , I’ve just made it. a.) mustn’t buy any pizza for the party
b.) doesn’t to buy any pizza for the party
c.) hasn’t to buy any pizza for the party
d.) doesn’t have to buy any pizza for the party
5 - I went to the airport ... a) for meeting my sister
b.) for meet my sister
c.) to meet my sister
d.) for to meet my sister
6 - ... does the film last? a.) how long
b.) how many times
c.) how long time
d.) how many
7 - Please don’t forget to call me when you... back to the hotel. a.) will get
b.) get
c.) are getting
d.) are going to get
8 - A kettle is an object ... a.) which heats water
b.) who heats water
c.) where heats water
d.) what heats water
9 - We’d better stop at a service station. We’re ... petrol a.) doing away with
b.) falling back on
c.) getting through to
d.) running out of
10 - The police are investigation into the robbery. a.) working out
b.) making out
c.) taking out
d.) carrying out
11 - I’ll help you with your promise to do the same for me sometime. a.) as long as
b.) as far as
c.) as well as
d.) as good as
12 - The company is planning to ...a new product next month. a.) unfold
b.) launch
c.) venture
d.) embark